aloe first

It’s a wonder plant with many benefits so myriad and astounding that extremely little part of body remains which is not influenced by its healing touch. From as a natural fighter against a variety of infection, an effective anti-oxidant to helping in all digestion related problems, arthritis, stress, diabetes, cancer, AIDS to becoming an enhancer of beauty, Aloe may be proved by research to become plant of amazing medicinal properties. The medicinal worth of the plant recognized for centuries because of its remarkable properties, is based on the gel like pulp obtained on peeling the leaves. Its juicehas cooling properties, is anabolic in action, a fighter of ‘pitta’ and guards against fever, skin diseases, burns, ulcers, boils eruptions etc. Aloe’s active principle ‘aloin’ is responsible due to the unique digestive properties. Though it could be too exhaustive to enumerate its health advantages, the areas in which Aloe plant extract helps is summarized, simply speaking, as under Antiseptic, Anti-bactericidal – (więcej…)